I Wonder Whose Idea This Was …


If you’ve been watching any TV in the last few weeks, you’ve most likely seen Microsoft’s ad campaign for Windows 7 – where supposedly real people claim that various features in Windows 7 were their idea. Cute, but I think that Microsoft would do better simply showcasing all those new features. Perhaps that speaks volumes in and of itself.

But I digress. A recent study shows that Windows 7 is practically just as susceptible to malicious software as previous versions of Windows. As I’ve said many times before, the “elephant in the room” for Microsoft is the ever-escalating issue of viruses, spyware, and all other forms of malicious software that all versions of Windows is vulnerable to. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t do much to change the growing perception among consumers that Windows is inherently insecure. But there’s not much Microsoft can do about it without drastically affecting backwards compatibility. Which is why Microsoft will continue to sidestep the issue – and why many of their users will continue to sidestep to other platforms.

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