How To Do Nothing, Yet Screw Up Everything

So the FCC voted to implement some “rules” in the name of “net neutrality”. Note that these FCC “rules” are not “laws” because they were not passed by elected representatives. But even though just 3 unelected bureaucrats voted for these rules, they can be enforced by government agents with guns. Just a little food for thought.

In typical political fashion, the passing of these rules managed to please almost no one except the politicians that backed the rules. Those opposed to government regulation of the Internet are obviously displeased. But even proponents of government regulated net neutrality aren’t happy with these rules, claiming they don’t really do anything. Yet, of course, those on the FCC that proposed or voted for these rules claim that they’ve just saved the Internet. This is even though most people have never heard of net neutrality or have any fear of the terrible things that the FCC claim were threatening the Internet.

So note this day in history. It is either the beginning of the end of the free Internet as we knew it – or the start of a revolution against government regulation.

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