Bureaucratic Nonsense

According to news reports, the FCC is set to pass a controversial (and likely unconstitutional) set of “rules” regarding the regulation of Internet access in the name of protecting “net neutrality”. As I wrote about in my previous article, I find that any regulation of the Internet will begin a slide down a slippery slope of ever increasing government intervention. However, a quote by an FCC commissioner shows just how out of touch some politician/bureaucrats are.

Michael Copps, said FCC commissioner, stated that he wanted to ensure that the Internet “doesn’t travel down the same road of special interest consolidation and gate-keeper control that other media and telecommunications industries — radio, television, film and cable — have traveled.” He concluded, “What an historic tragedy it would be to let that fate befall the dynamism of the Internet.”

Interesting. I wonder why radio, television, and cable have not been so “dynamic”? Could it be … oh, I don’t know … GOVERNMENT REGULATION? So this guy wants to “protect” the Internet from the fate of the other media by regulating it in the same way the other media was regulated? Yeah, let’s take something that has flourished just fine without regulation and smother it with government “protection”.

I think we all need to protect the Internet from brainiacs like this guy.

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