When in Rome …

A well-known security expert that works for the anti-virus company Sophos has stated that he uses Macs at home. While the fact that many high-profile technology experts own Macs for their personal use should really come as no shock to people who follow technology news, it could be quite surprising to the masses who still use Windows on their home computers.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos who also writes a well-read security blog for the company, was interviewed for a story on their new anti-virus software for Mac. In that article, the author was trying to determine if the software was really necessary, given that Macs are known for being resistant to viruses. Cluley stated that, “I use Macs myself at home. There’s no doubt that they are exposed to less of a threat than Windows PCs.”

Again, this shouldn’t be shocking news, but by Apple’s own study, Windows still has 80% of consumer marketshare. A lot of those 80% likely do not know the advantages of Macs in the security area. As I’ve written before, the virus problem on Windows is the “elephant in the room” for Microsoft and one of major reasons that Apple’s share of the consumer market has risen to 20%. If more people hear that high-profile technology experts are using Macs, especially those that work for anti-virus companies, that 20% will grow at a faster rate. As the saying goes, “When in Rome …”

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