Marcel Brown

State of the Tech is brought to you by Marcel Brown, owner of Marcel Brown Technology Services.

Marcel is a technology consultant who focuses on the needs of small business and individuals. Marcel has been working with computerized technology literally since he can remember. Professionally, with over 15 years of experience, Marcel is known as “The Most Trusted Name in Technology”.

Our world is in a state of drastic change. Change and technology have been synonymous throughout all of history. At times it is hard to tell if technology is affecting change, or if change is affecting technology. Sometimes it may be both simultaneously. Does it even really matter?

Driven by the rapid rise of the personal computer, the Internet, and mobile communications devices, never has so much new technology so quickly found its way into our everyday lives. For anyone who is not a technology professional, this inundation of new products and methods can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, those who are not well informed stand to fall behind.

State of the Tech was created to help small business owners and tech-concerned individuals stay informed about the technology industry. Keeping it down-to-earth and light-hearted, but also getting to the core of the matter, Marcel uses his expertise and insight to help others understand how the latest trends and events in the technology world will affect them. Unlike most coverage of the technology industry, State of the Tech cuts through the hype, jargon, and marketing-speak, presenting only the relevant information that readers need to understand and make decisions based on fact, not on the latest buzz.

Feel free to contact Marcel by visiting his web site,, visiting State of the Tech on Facebook, or send a message using the form below.

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